The Secret to Finding More Time

Have you ever considered where you give the majority of your attention, time and energy?

Let me just tell you that managing your energy, setting priorities, saying no and asking for help is a muscle that gets stronger over time.  With deliberate intent, you can become stronger at finding more value in your time and how you use it.  I recall several times in my life where I felt frazzled and overwhelmed because I had a to-do list just to create a to-do list.   I even made a list of which I called “The Endless To-do List” that I added onto for months.

One night as I was lamenting to my husband about all of the things I felt responsible for doing and all the commitments I was making to people he looked at me with his kind and very good looking eyes and said pretty much “well, that’s your choice.”

I became silent as the truth of those words – as annoying as they may seem – seeped in.  Of course, this was after I seethed with utter disbelief in his insensitivity.  As hard has it has been for me to accept, I do have a choice.  We all do.  Choosing how we live, what we do and what our priorities are.

We have the gift of making the choices that bring us to where we are at any given time. 

The heart-pounding reality is that we all have only so much energy, time and resources.  As we “give away” our time and energy every day without intention – be it through endless time watching T.V., thoughts that cause us to spiral into anxiety, tolerating conversations with people that frustrate us, spending hours looking for things in disorganized areas or even going to things we don’t even want to be at but feel we should…I could go on and on.

Basically, these activities drain our precious energy and resources which ultimately keep us from spending time on the things that fuel us like enjoying time with friends that uplift us, spending time with our kids, or connecting to our partners.

Think about key areas in your life: relationships, spiritual health, finances, friendships, your emotional or physical well-being, your career or What are your top life priorities and does the way you spend your time reflect these choices?

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