Finding Balance

Every year around this time I reflect on my year and journal about what I have learned, what I have struggled with and what blessings I have rushed through appreciating. I then look ahead at where I see my journey heading. I place my hands intentionally on the wheel and ask myself what is and what could be in specific areas of my life and the direction it's heading.

About 7 years ago, I started using a very powerful tool to help me get clear on which areas of my life needed attention and intention. I have since created what I call a Living Mandala which I am sharing with you today.

I share this tool with all of my clients and it has been such an eye opener to how they can find time for work, family and themselves without missing out on the precious moments.

Before I continue though, I have to tell you too that I don't believe in "balance" like others may think of balance. I think balance exists only when we are consciously intentional to all areas of our life.

This evolves into a dance of simultaneously living in the present with the ability to look towards the future. Actually, it's kinda like riding a unicycle, you have to keep moving and adjusting and then suddenly you find you can get into a flow...and in case you're wondering, I've never ridden a unicycle, just assumed it was a good analogy.

I call the tool of identifying that balance gap a Living Mandala. It's understanding where we are and what we truly want out of our life. Because I believe that where your attention goes, intention grows, you can go through this process and gain energy and perspective of where you want better fulfillment of your life purpose.

Understand that it is called a "Living" Mandala for a reason. It can change, it does change, by working on any area to get it to where you want it, you will see the dimensions of life cycling towards balance.

It's natural to think that we don't have much control over the external events and changes around us, but understanding balance is knowing when to put your hands on your wheel and when to surrender and let go to the natural flow of life.

And it helps to be reminded that we can create our own lives through intention, courage and linking our desires with deliberate action.

Anyway, I digress,  you can download your Living Mandala and get started!

To live a purposeful, grounded and examined life it is a real eye opener when you can sit down and truly evaluate what you want in life.

Here are the instructions:

1. Print Your Living Mandala
2. Grab a cup of tea and some markers or crayons
3. The hub represents you, for each of the eight areas give a score (1-10) and color the space accordingly in terms of your current level of satisfaction with that particular area right now, (present moment and all).
4. For each of the areas, think about why you gave it the score you did
5. Then ask yourself, what can happen for that score to be where you want it to be in the next 3 to 6 months? Journal your reflections

Feel free to snap a photo and email it to me when you have finished coloring 🙂

Heart Hugs,


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