First, Know What You Want

Last week I shared with you a powerful tool that I use to gain clarity for where I am perhaps not being as intentional as I want in my life and what I use to balance out areas in my life.

I am overwhelmed by the response and the shares I received from so many of you. My inbox was full of Living Mandalas with colorful depictions of where you are currently in your lives.

This week I want to help you dive deeper into the meaning of your life mandala and how it can transform how you are showing up daily to the present moments.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this powerful tool, here is a link to that post and you can download your copy there.

If you have your copy with you, this post will certainly help you understand the direction you can move in order to really live the life of balance that you crave.

Starting with the areas that you ranked the highest, acknowledge what is working in those areas for it to be where you ranked it. Perhaps ask yourself, what are 3 things that you are doing regularly in this area that support you?
Journal your success. So often when we look at transforming our current circumstances, we pass over the areas that are working well, dismissing them without ever recognizing the way our lives are being served by them. I believe that the art of expressing your ideas in a journal is a must for any and all transformation work.

Once you have acknowledged what is working, we get into the work and first, you need to know what you want. To do this take a look at any one of the areas that is ranked lower than you desire at this present moment.

Ask yourself who would you have to become to move your number up by one?

This isn’t about pouring all of your energy into getting everything up to a 10, this is about reflecting on any small but necessary steps to improve your situation.

So, for instance, if you ranked fun at a "3" and you asked yourself, who would I have to become to move my number up to a "4", you might come up with the following:

- Be more open to opportunities that are fun and participate in them
- Create a list of about 10 things that I think might be fun to do
- Define what fun means to me.
- Answering the question, if I just had an ideal week, what 3 things did I do that were fun?
- Describing something fun that I would try now if I knew I could not fail
- What, if I worked on it right now, would really put a smile on my face?

Again, at this time we are not taking any physical action to go out and do something, but rather thinking about what it would mean to you to change your score. It is also a time to have fun with it, pun intended. I feel that people in general do not spend enough time truly reflecting on their lives but rather going through the motions and thinking about things they cannot change which looks a lot like worry. Instead, I challenge you to use some time in your day to dream, to imagine and reflect on the possibilities without abandon.

Now tell me, what do you want MORE of in your life? What would it cost you not to get it?

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