Why Perfectionism Holds Us Back

Alignment is more important than perfection to me these days.

I've come to realize that in order to make the impact that I want to make on the world, I need to get my thoughts and ideas out there. And in order for you to impact those you care about, sometimes you need to get past all the thinking and take action.

I'll be honest, this has been a challenge for me because I can very often to get in my own way.

This may sound familiar to you as well trying to accomplish something but every time you take a step in that direction there's this overwhelming feeling of a strong pull holding you back because you think:

I'm not ready

What if putting myself out there leads to criticism, people not liking me or what I have to say

Who am I anyway?

Why would anyone listen to me or care about what I have to say?

And the truth is, you are getting in your own way just as I have allowed myself to do time and time again.

I am at a point in my life and business now where things aren't always in alignment and that's okay with me. I find myself expressing thoughts in a yoga class for example with very little filter.  I am a introvert that loves to have small intimate conversations about things that matter when I am face to face with a small group.  But being able to sit down at a computer and share with a community that is likely to have enough strangers in it who could possibly take up issue with my words...

The truth is starting to rear up stronger than the fear.

I feel the need to talk

To express

To breathe life into others and I realize that the only way I can do that is to just tell my inner critic to buzz off and be 100% me.

Sometimes, I may even cringe at the words I put out there because dare I say I have a lot of thoughts that I feel my be uncommon in belief systems or even "weird".

I know that my "tribe" won't care but the truth is, I'm often worried about that ONE person who might find fault in the words I express and judge me.

Which makes me chuckle because one of the lines from a favorite movie, Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery sums up how I truly think about judgmental attitudes.

"There's nothing I can't stand more than people who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch." - Austin Powers International Man of Mystery.

So as an ice breaker into this effort to not censor myself so much and give up the need to "perfectly" craft posts that I will sometimes put out there but rather find the balance that I think about tons of stuff daily that could inspire women like you to show up raw, strange thoughts that go through my head are the concept of Amish websites as well as why there is braille at the drive through ATM.

I'm sure I'm not alone in my random thoughts and truth is alignment for me these days often means being willing to say what I am thinking as a way to build this community because that's where the true transformation comes for us all.  I have been quiet long enough.  It's time to breathe life into this....Inspire.

What are the random thoughts that go through your head daily? Do you blog? If so, leave a link to your blog below!

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