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Hi there!

Are you tired of figuring out how to make time for yourself, keep up with your normal level of energy or turn anxiety on it's head to bring more joy into your life?

Maybe you feel as though you try to gain control over your stress, only the more you try to relax, schedule exercise or change your diet it actually adds more stress and somehow makes things worse?

Chances are you tried counseling, talking to friends, sharing with family, buying books or researching medication, yet you're still not sure what will really work because you feel so overwhelmed by what it might take to take care of your soul?

Or you might even feel like you are two different people, being there for the people you care about, knowing exactly what to do for others but when you're done, you can't seem to give yourself the same kind of nurturing?

You are not alone.

My name is Jamila Theobold

This used to be my daily struggle. I used to hold the title of self-efficiency expert (self-proclaimed).  I had a high metabolism and could mutli-task like a machine all while effortlessly anticipating other's needs. I had the energy or so it seemed to do it all and then as time went on I stopped doing what I needed to do for myself.

I don't exactly know how I got there, I just did and yet to everybody else, I was still showing up fully.

One day I woke up and I was tired. Like, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually tired. I struggled to make sense of the weight I felt.  I was suffering a true form of physical depression. As the exhaustion grew, the anxiety did too.

I didn't feel like myself and the effort it took to function puts the word "willpower" to shame. I found myself searching for answers (as I always do). Researching and trying to make rational meaning of what was happening. I sought relief in the form of therapy, medication, and additional personal development wellness tools.

I tested principles of healthy living, happiness, life balance, stress management, positive psychology and self development from over 20 years of my educational background in counseling and psychology.

Now, formally clinically depressed and anxious, I don't just  apply the very principles I teach and dramatically transformed my own life and health. I am living a life that I can truly say is balanced and it is my goal to see you experience the same.

I am a certified life coach and yoga instructor with a specialization in serenity with a kick!  I provide life balance coaching and I teach yoga classes at Balance Boutique, located at 320 St. Johns Avenue Unit 101A, Palatka, Florida.  Through a unique integration of concepts woven throughout an asana practice, I believe in taking your yoga off of your mat and into your daily life. I am here to help you finally get around to doing something about your stress, get the mindset that puts you fully in the game and live a meaningful life that you deeply love.

In my work I connect deeply with amazing women, women like you...catalyst of the world who often find yourself putting off the time to take care of your soul's needs, often worrying about getting it all done "just right" and wondering if there is even such a thing as "so called" balance.

So...this is how I help.

I became a coach because I believe there are many women who can find support in my journey. I believe that there is such thing as happiness. I believe that in order to take care of others we must be sure to take care of ourselves and therein lies the ripple effect. I also believe we are all on the same journey and those ahead of us have so much to teach us about the purpose of our journey. I believe ultimately that the purpose of our journey here together is to love we love ourselves.

Yoga Palatka Florida 32177

Life Coach Palatka Florida 32177Yoga Teacher Palatka Florida 32177