Happiness and courage to live a fired-up life is not pipe dream.

It is as real as your ability to know yourself, listen to yourself and trust yourself which all lie in the realm of your soul's purpose.

Do you realize that you are capable of feeling good even in the midst of challenge and struggle when you know and understand your soul-purpose?

This is the biggest predictor in determining how your relationships, your success and your happiness will look.

Who you are:

::You are a woman who is ambitious and caring in so many areas of your life.
::You are known by many has very smart, resourceful and a go to for help.
::You are intuitive and can be very sensitive to your environment.
::You've been a loyal worker but lately you know you are meant to do more in life live your soul ::purpose but it scares you not knowing how to start.

::You want to feel something different but you're having trouble figuring what it is you really want.
::You are tired of feeling anxious, stressed and exhausted by the endless demands that come with all the roles you fulfill.
::You are functioning and doing what you have to do, but you don't feel fired up.
::You question if your life was meant for more.

You are not:
::In a place where you feel like a victim with no choice to change your circumstances.
::A slacker, not willing to do the work

Who am I:
::Intuitive, compassionate, helping child, mother, wife, friend, sister who learned her purpose early in life; however, through time lost sight of her direction and experience burnout as her discovery began to unfold.
::A student of life's lessons in depression, anxiety, perfectionism, people pleasing, guilt, comparison and shame to name a few
::An intellectual learner of psychology, personal development, social skills and mental wellness
::A lifelong learner of self and the collective spirit of us all
::All tied together: A Mindset, Yoga and Anxiety Coach

What I offer:

Permission to Live a Limitless and Balanced Life
12 sessions broken down into 12 weeks of teaching, coaching and mindfulness integration to clearly understand your purpose, discover how to make your self-talk work for you, and breakthrough the mindset that creates anxiety and prevents you from living your purpose.

Here is a bit of what you will get out of this program:

::You will learn tools that help you understand your default behaviors that keep you from living your soul purpose.

::You will develop a personalized system to empower you through moments when the stress gets real.

::You will become resilient to your negative self-talk and know how to put into practice courage and confidence.

::You will have access to all the tools I use to show up in the moments that matter.

::Ultimately, you will have, literally, a life-long plan aligned to your purpose weeks, months and years after you have completed the program.

To qualify:
Commit to a 40 minute consultation with me to confirm your readiness, willingness and if we are a good fit to work together.

To schedule your 40 minute consult, click below.  I can't wait to get you fired up!